15 minute declutter in Flylady Zone 1 (entryway, dining room, hall)!

Fighting clutter/swapping things around, bottling my Elderflower Champag...

Flylady Tuesday, making Elderflower champagne, getting things done in th...

15 minutes in Flylady Zone 5, swapping things around!

Finally Friday, Flylady Zone 4 and decluttering clothes

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Dressing Your Truth, Colour Me Beautiful, my Flylady Wednesday (Anti-Pr...

Question & Answer Time plus my Flylady Tuesday!

Flylady Zone 4 plus a 5 minute declutter!

Setting yourself up for the weekend and my Flylady Friday!

My Flylady Thursday and yesterday's Clothes Swap Party!

Swedish Fishwife's Cake and my Flylady Wednesday!

Keeping up with Summer Routines and my Flylady Tuesday

15 minutes in Flylady Zone 3! (Bathroom plus one other room)

Flylady Errand Day, Maths Exam and the taste of Danish summer!

14,000 subscribers, Flylady Anti-Procrastination Day and a wee chat!