I heart Danish comfort food! (Part Nine - Biksemad)


If you read my post on Monday, you'll know that it rained, rained and rained in Copenhagen.  Thunderbolts and lightning - very very frightening me, gallileo! ;)  Which got me thinking about comfort food and - gadzooks - that I'd never written a post about biksemad!

What's that, you cry?  Well, you might have seen packets of it, nestling in the freezer section of the supermarket.

[caption id="attachment_1902" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Ready to rock'n'roll!"][/caption]

Diced potato, onion and beef (oksekød) or pork (svinekød).  Now, let's be honest.  It looks pretty unappetising and anaemic in its raw state.

[caption id="attachment_1906" align="aligncenter" width="573" caption="It's c-c-c-cold in here!"][/caption]

Anyway, fry it up, till it's hot and crispy around the edges. 

[caption id="attachment_1901" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Frying tonight!"][/caption]

Sprinkle on a bit of green stuff (like spinat "spinach") if you want to make it look healthy.  And top it off with (at least) one fried egg per person...

[caption id="attachment_1907" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Biksemad - Danish hash"][/caption]

Serve it up with lots of tomato ketchup, plenty of syltede rødbeder (sliced, pickled beetroot) and - if you are so inclined - Worcester sauce.  Which, funnily enough, in Denmark is known as Engelsk sauce ("English sauce").

[caption id="attachment_1904" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Engelsk Sauce - Worcester Sauce"][/caption]

Time to get stuck in to your biksemad (Danish hash).  Velbekomme!

[caption id="attachment_1903" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Velbekomme!"][/caption]

Have a thorougly thrilling Thursday - whatever you have on your plate!

Diane :)