Hey, Mr DJ, put a (Danish) record on, I wanna dance with my baby!

Did you guess right?  It's Spil Dansk Day - "Play Danish Music" Day!  Umm, you don't know what that is?  Then here's a piece I wrote last year, updated for your listening pleasure.   Read on, sing loud and don't forget to turn the (Danish) music up to 11! ;)

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Yes, it’s the last Thursday in October which – selvfølgelig - means that it’s Spil Dansk or “Play Danish Music” Day!  :)  The day when Danish music is played, performed, promoted and celebrated.  Which means that radio stations play Danish music.  All.  Day.  Long.  Danish bands who sing in Danish. Danish bands who sing in English.  Music produced by Danes.  Music written by Danes for other artists.  Anything and everything with a Danish connection.  A whopping half million Danes – at home, work, in their cars, schools or old people’s homes - will tune in to radio station P4 between 11 and 11.30 am for a live singalong of old and new Danish classics.

But maybe you’d rather catch some live music out in the streets?  You’re in luck!  There are over one thousand events and concerts all over Denmark today.  If you want to find out what’s happening near you, the official Spil Dansk website has a nifty event finder, just click here.

Last year on the blog I wrote about some of my Danish music faves anno 2011 – Magtens Korridorer, Whomadewho and When Saints Go Machine.

Here are a few of the bands you’re likely to hear if you listen in to the main national radio channel, P3

Magtens Korridorer    Veto    Turbo Weekend    Whomadewho    Søren Huss    The Blue Van    Medina Burhan G Fallulah    The Asteroids Galaxy Tour    Spleen United    I Got You on Tape    Choir of Young Believers (remember The Bridge/Bron/Broen?)    When Saints Go Machine    The William Blakes    Nabiha    Specktors    L.O.C.    Ida Corr Nephew    Rasmus Seebach    Aura Dione    Shaka Loveless    Alphabeat    Tina Dickow    Efterklang    Lukas Graham   Quadron   Pharfar   Djämes Braun   Christopher   Burhan G   Ulige Numre   MØ   Kashmir   Julias Moon   The Mountains   Ukendt Kunstner   The Raveonettes   The Floor is Made of Lava   Klumben   Lucy Love   KIDD

Meanwhile I’d like to leave you with a little masterpiece by my all time favourite Danish rock band…those little sweeties Magtens Korridorer  (nominated - again, again, again - for the Danish Music Awards) !

Spil Dansk! And don’t forget to turn the stereo up to 11! ;)