Great Dane-ish Pastries! (Part Six - Bread Rolls)

Okay, where did we get to with our wienerbrød? So far we’ve seen the spandauer, frøsnapper, kanelsnegl, tebirkes and the wienerstang. Yummy, yum, yum!

For breakfast today we have a selection of plain bread rolls. Okay, not exactly wienerbrød. But quintessentially Danish nevertheless! Oh, and before we go any further, you should know that Danish bread rolls should be cut in half before serving to guests. Want to know more about that? Go read Roll up, roll up!

Breakfast time!

So let’s start with the kids’ favourite. The tebolle (‘tea roll’). A fairly small, round roll that has a slight sheen on the outside, a soft crust and is soft and fluffy on the inside. There is also another version containing raisins which – selvfølgelig – is called a rosinbolle.

Tebolle - 'tea roll'

Then we have my own particular favourite. The rundstykke (literally ’round piece’). A slightly bigger, round roll which has a medium hard crust and is traditionally topped with hundreds of white poppy seeds. (Though, as you can see below, our local baker uses a mix of white and blue poppy seeds.)

Rundstykke - 'round piece'

Lastly we have my husband’s favourite morning roll. The håndværker (literally ‘tradesman’). The shape is more square than round, it has a pretty hard crust and is topped with blue poppy seeds. Takes a bit of chewing.

Håndværker - 'a tradesman'

And what exactly do the Danes spread or put on top of those morning rolls, now that they’ve been cut in half and are lying ready on the plate? Join me next time to find out! ;)