Public Service Announcement! Valdemarsdag! Denmark's Biggest Party for Old People!


We interrupt – again, again, again – the series on Danish Wedding traditions to bring you another public service announcement!

This coming Saturday - 15 June – is Valdemarsdag.  And what is that, I hear you ask?  Well, on 15 June 1219 Valdemar the Second of Denmark was fighting a crusade in Estonia.  His army were losing the battle and prayed for God's help.   Lo and behold, a flag fell from the sky...a white cross on a read background.  And they - selvfølgelig - went on to win the battle.  And so goes the legend of Dannebrog - the Danish flag - the oldest national flag in the world.

Now, here comes the interesting part.  Since 2000 Valdemarsdag has become the 'biggest party for old people' in Denmark- "Danmarks Største Ældrefest"!   Thirty-two thousand of them!  Yep, sprightly and not-so-sprightly oldies will be celebrating in old people's homes and daycentres all over Denmark - with speeches by majors, live music and dancing.  But the most important part is the food and drink...

[caption id="attachment_1795" align="aligncenter" width="382" caption="Easter, Christmas, Valdemarsdag...anytime is a good time for a snaps!"][/caption]

To drink?  Aalborg Snaps - akvavit.  1,200 bottles of the stuff.  Delivered to them by Post Danmark - so watch out for your red postie on Saturday - he'll be carrying some Very Important Packages! ;)

[caption id="attachment_1794" align="aligncenter" width="429" caption="Kartofler for Valdemarsdag"][/caption]

And to eat?  New Danish potatoes.  In 2000 a lady 'smuggled' some new Danish potatoes in her handbag to her husband who was in an OAP home.  A rare treat!  Since then Danmarks Kartoffelråd (Denmark's Potato Council) has sponsored new potatoes once a year for the OAPs.   And so goes the legend of snaps and new potatoes on Valdemarsdag!

Skål!  To the old and the young at heart!

Diane :)