Back to the books!

If you haven’t already heard or seen the jubilation of parents partying in the street, the LockOut of Danish teachers is finally over and my kids cycled off to school this morning at 7.30am - hooray! They were, of course, a tad sad to be going back after an unexpected hiatus of 5 weeks – not to mention very grumpy when they were dragged out of bed selvfølgelig – but resigned and looking forward to seeing their friends and getting back in to their groove.

On a side note: I had to laugh on Saturday night when we were watching Danish kids’ tv. At the top of the screen was a countdown: 1 day, 12 hours, 38 minutes and 35 seconds until…school starts! Yep, gotta love those crazy Danes and their warped sense of humour… ;)

Anyway, now that the kids are back to their textbooks, how about some other books? (Y’all know how much I love Danish libraries - I promise not to mention them again!) Free books. From our local alfresco book trading posts!

Yep, Gentofte council has set up specially designed book trading posts - book ‘sculptures’ – around the commune. You can come and take books around the clock. 24 hours a day. But, um, if I want to borrow a book in the wee, small hours, won’t it be too dark, I hear you say. Why, no, because inside there are LED lamps which are powered by solar panels on the top! Okay, I’m interested, so where do I get the key, I hear you ask. No need – they aren’t locked – just help yourself! :)

You’re free to keep the books once you’ve finished reading them. Or return them - along with any others you have lying around at home, collecting dust and clogging your feng shui. But won’t it just turn into a giant junk heap of books, I hear your ask? No, because a team of volunteers ensures that there is a good varied selection and rotates the stock.

And what can you expect to find? An eclectic mix. The occasional DVD, foreign languages books, plenty of crime and Agatha Christies, kids books and non-fiction. From Dan Brown to Tolkien and everything in between.

It’s a ‘green’, self-sustaining project - which is absolutely dependent on trust. (Indeed, part of the thinking behind the project is that it will actually help to promote trust in public spaces.) Six-months down the road, it looks like a success. No vandalism and lots of happy customers!

Happy Monday – whether you have your nose in an ebook or a free book!

Diane :)