Week Six? Week Sex!

It’s week six. Now, before I get started on today’s topic, let me just tell you that week numbers are something you have to learn to live with in Denmark. I find it utterly confusing when someone asks me what I’m doing in week 13. I mean, is that March, April? Help! Can’t they just say the week that starts 25 March? If, like me, you are unable to remember more than weeks 7 and 42 (those are the only two week numbers I need to know – the weeks the kids’ school is closed for winter and autumn break), then you can try ugenr.dk (‘week number’). Type in the date or the week number and this dinky website will do the conversion for you.

But I digress!

We are currently in week six. The Danish for six is seks. Yes, yes. It sounds like sex. And which week do schools in Denmark teach sex education? Yep, you guessed it – those crazy Danes thought it would be a great laugh to have Sex in…Week Seks! Teaching material is available for 4th to 10th grades, but the aim is to open it up for all students, right from kindergarten class. Want to know more? Ugesex.dk

Fastelavnsboller - carnival buns
Fastelavnsboller - carnival buns

I – meanwhile – would like to leave you with a joke…

Hvorfor må man ikke kigge ind af bagerens vinduer? Why aren’t you allowed to look into bakers’ windows?
Fordi der ligger snegle og boller! Because there are are snails having sex!

(The literal translation is “…because there are cinammon rolls and buns”. Snegle is a snail but also the word for a cinnamon roll. And bolle is the word for a baker’s bun, but also the slang verb ‘to have sex’.)

Enjoy Week SexSix!

Diane :)