All the horsemeat!

Ha – the Danes and their fantastic sense of humour! If you have kids at school in Denmark, then you’re bound to have heard the “Alle børnene” jokes – a mix of dark humour and rhyming, which started back in the 1980s.

All the kids biked to school, apart from Fred - he was dead!
All the kids biked to school, apart from Fred - he was dead!

Here’s the very first one I heard – a true classic…

Alle børnene kiggede ind i vaskemaskinen, undtagen Knud – han kiggede ud!All the kids looked into the washing machine, apart from Knud – he looked out!

Yep, they’re usually quite cruel…

Alle børn sad på fryseren, undtagen Bob – han ville op!All the kids sat on the freezer, apart from Bob – he wanted out!

Sometimes bizarre…

Alle børnene hed Kasper, undtaget Jesper – han hed Flemming!All the kids were called Kasper, apart from Jesper – his name was Flemming!

Want to try making up your own ones? Here’s the formula. All the kids [did something], apart from [name] – he/she [did something unexpected]! The name and the unexpected thing should rhyme…

All the kids crossed the road, apart from Ann – she was hit by a van!
All the kids drank Cola, apart from Kent – he drank cement!
All the kids were poor, apart from Lisa – she used her Dad’s Visa!
All the kids looked nice, apart from Matt – he looked like a rat!

Did you hear about the current European meat scandal? Now, that‘s no joke! ;) But here’s one that came out of it…

Alle børnene spiste lasagne, undtagen Conny - det var hendes pony!
All the kids ate lasagne, apart from Tony – it was his pony!

Happy Tuesday! Whatever you have on your plate!

Diane :)