My Danish Christmas Advent Calendar - 24 December

Woop, woop – it’s here! 24 December and we are ready to say “God Jul!”

I started off the day – as I do most days – with a skinny dip in the Danish North Sea. The weather was actually very mild this morning…no wind, air temperature 3c (37f) and water temperature 1c (33f). Best of all, after last night’s snow storm and howling winds, the sun actually came out! :)

Christmas in Denmark starts around 6pm on the 24th of December with dinner.

Dinner consisted of roast duck, warm red cabbage, a fresh red cabbage and carrot slaw, caramelised potatoes, boiled potatoes, warm potato crisps and lots of yummy sovs (gravy).

(We needed a little breather before dessert so we opened some of the presents – one by one – so that everybody can see who got what from whom.) Dessert – as tradition dictates – was ris à l’amande (cold rice pudding with hot cherry sauce). DS12 (Dear Son, aged 12) and my niece were this year’s winners of the marcipan pigs!

Anyway, back to the present opening! Which, all in all, took about two hours…

After that there was finally enough space for us to join hands and dance and sing around the Christmas tree. This year we sang “Nu er det jul igen!“, “Jingle Bells” and “Højt fra træets grønne top!” Before collapsing into the sofa, digging into the konfekt, finishing off the wine and downing a cold Danish Christmas beer…

God Jul! Merry Christmas!

Diane :)