Feel Good Friday (25 May 2012)

Three things that have put a big smile on my face this week...

Going to see one of my absolute favourite bands "Kent" - giants of Swedish rock - with friends.

Kent at Vega, Copenhagen - 24 May 2012

DD10 was at her swimming lesson yesterday and - because of the fantastic weather - her swimming teacher surprised them all by diving into the water and playing with them.  Swimming through each others' legs (five sets of legs in a row!), teaching them to do underwater sommersaults, playing ring o' roses, water fights and more.  They had such a good time - hooray for inspirational teachers! *\o/*

DD10 when she was just a babe in arms
My sweetie Danish friend H. taking her first ever skinny dip with us!   Current water temperature is about 10c/50f.  We celebrated afterwards with hot tea, strawberries and chocolate...

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend! :)