Menu plan - Thursday 19 April 2012

Here's what's we're eating this week at Casa Copenhagen:

We're not eating this's going up on the kitchen wall!
Blue clay fish made for me by DD10 in art class :)

*  Beef steaks with baked potato wedges, béarnaise sauce and fresh tomato and basil salad

Tarteletter med høns i asparges (a Danish classic: small pastry cases filled with chicken and asparagus)

Madder (Danish open sandwiches) on a night that I'm out at a school meeting and the kids will be fending for themselves

Pasta med kødsovs/spaghetti bolognese/spaghetti with meat sauce

Homemade cucumber salad

*  Danish pork sausages with homemade red cabbage coleslaw and homemade Danish cucumber salad

*  Roast chicken with steamed carrots and coconut rice (I'll prepare both the carrots and the rice in my beloved ricecooker)

Ingredients for coconut rice, recipe is here
*  Leftover night - freshly cooked pasta with any leftover meat/veggies/sauce

Bon appétit!

Have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday! :)