Ten today

DD turned 10 today.  And, yes, yes, the old 'where does the time go?' cliché popped into my head.  But it also hit me that - jings crivens - her very early years are just a blur in my memory!  Wow, how on earth did that happen?  Everything seemed so chaotic back then.  Perhaps because, when she came along, we were also dealing with a 2 ½ year old - her Big Brother? ;D

Her traditional Danish birthday cake

It really made me kind of sad.  But that's when I remembered about our old photo albums.  So I spent a happy hour walking down 'toddler' memory lane...  Oh my word, there were so many moments I had completely forgotten!  So I decided there and then that I need to add an(other) Anti-Procrastination task to my list.  To go through all our digital photos (on CD-Roms and various computers) and put order into things.  You see, I love the digital technology (and zap about 200 photos a month on my smartphone) but haven't actually put anything into an album (on-line or physical) for years.  Oops!

OK - we're off to open the birthday presents, eat, drink and be merry.  (And take a few pics - ha!)

Have a terrific Tuesday! :)