Join the protest...stick a Danish flag in it!

[This post is also published over at - the official website of Denmark run by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs]
My friend and I were down at the beach for our daily skinny dip on Monday morning and spied this, right in the middle of the pavement.   A dog poo.  With a Danish flag in it…

Now, of course, those crazy (but lovable) Danes love to fly their flag round the clock.  So you get used to seeing them all over the place (shop windows, birthday parties, public buildings, on buses, etc, etc).   But I’d personally never seen one stuck in a dog poo.   And it certainly stuck out like a sore thumb in the slightly-snooty-oldy-worldly-chic district of Klampenborg.   Which, on a sidenote, is part of the ‘Whisky Belt’ area north of Copenhagen.   The area where all the rich Danes live.   Those who can afford to drink whisky ;)

So what was the (carefully placed) flag doing there?

Well, it turns out it’s a form of protest.   (Search google pictures with the words “hundelort” and “flag” and see for yourself.)   To bring attention to dog poos on pavements. To shame (dirty) dog owners.   And warn unsuspecting pedestrians.   According to the website (literally ‘dog’), using the flag is also practical.   Once the poo has dried, simply remove it with the stick. Ha!

Being a houseowner (with a very long fence…), I also get tired of removing dog poo left outside our gate.   Guess what I came home to on Monday morning?  Yep.   Poo!   So I joined in the protest.   And stuck a Danish flag in it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! :)