Christmas Cake 2011

Merry Christmas, dear Readers!  [she said, drinking a cuppa and wiping crumbs from her mouth]

I decided that Today was The Day to cut into the Christmas cake...

Who cares if the icing turned out a garing shade of turquoise a bit darker than it was supposed to?
Yikes, a little smidgen of those colouring pastes really does go a long way...! ;D

Who cares that the white icing got bits of cake crumbs mixed in to it? 

Who cares that the blue icicles wouldn't stand up straight, as I had planned, or stick on to the sides of the cake?

It looks pretty good from a distance.  Or by candlelight... ;D

And I had an 'aha' moment.  I don't need to wait until we have special guests coming in order to cut it.  I can take a slice (or two) today.  And linger over the very best part - the thick layers of marcipan and white icing!  Yum!  ;D

Bon appetit!

Have a terrific Tuesday! :)

PS: It's not too late to make your own Christmas cake.  The recipe we use is right here - and it can be made one day before it's eaten :)