Wot no bathing bridge?

My sweetie friend V and I arrived at the beach yesterday morning - desperate for our skinny dip in the Danish sea (yes, yes, we're completely addicted now) - and were met with this sorry sight...

The sign on the bridge says "Use at your own risk"! ;D  
Sunday night's storm had destroyed our beloved bathing bridge :(  If you can't remember what it looked like before, read my old posts or look here...

A sunny morning in September :)
At first we were completely downhearted.  I mean, honest to goodness, haven't we done fabulously well since we started back in June?  And we were all set to celebrate swimming on the 1st of December (tomorrow) with Santa hats...  :(  Oh pook!

But, hey, we decided to see it as a test.  A new challenge for us.  Who needs a bathing bridge anyway?  So we threw off our bathrobes and ran into the sea as fast as we could from the edge of the water.  And splashed around (giggling like schoolgirls) until our hands and feet were numb from the cold.  We did it!  Another victory!  And you know what?  We can do ANYTHING! :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday! :)