1st November and still going strong!

Happy 1st November!  And congratulations to my friend V and I for making it through yet another month of Danish helårsbadning.  All-year-round sea bathing.  Daily skinny dipping.  Whatever you want to call it - we just can't get enough of it!

My friend V after a dip on a warm September morning
We've had all kinds of weather since we started in the month of May.  Sun.


Wind + waves that were bigger than our heads...


Surreal to hear fog horns when you're out having a swim ;D
We've managed to avoid stinging jellyfish.

And it's been a breeze!  So today we celebrated with hot tea and chocolate cake that - as Danish clocks went back on Sunday to mark the end of summertime - we are now officially "winter" bathers or vinterbadere! :D

And the water temperature today?  It was 9 degrees celcius (or 48.2 fahrenheit).  And it felt fantastic!  And we're still 'swimming' not just 'dipping' our bodies in and out of the water.  So we're in good form for our next winterbathing milestone which is 1st December - when we'll celebrate with a swim in the water followed by a Christmas lunch by the sea.  And, who knows, maybe there'll even be some snow?  Brr!

Have a terrific Tuesday! :)