Super Fling the dining room

The Super Fling Boogie continues!  And I continue to feel lighter with every 15 minute decluttering session.  So why, oh why, can't I be consistent about it?!  Oh well, progress not perfection, right? :)

This week's Flylady zone is the Front Porch/Entrance/Dining Room.

I set my timer for 15 minutes and started on our sideboard/china cabinet.  The 'china' part only needed straightening up.  Though to my credit I did manage to part with some cups and glasses that we never use.  I then attacked the 'worst' drawer - which is the one that contains candle holders...

I could have sworn I sorted this drawer out during the last Zone Super Fling Boogie?! ;D
Now - granted -  you may think that that's an awful lot of candle holders to have...  But, hey, remember that I live in Denmark!  So we light candles morning, afternoon and night... :D

Anyway, the timer was still ticking (8 minutes left) and I got stuck in.  Anything I hadn't used since last year or didn't love went straight into a giveaway box.  Lots of half-burnt candle bits went in the rubbish.  I gave the drawer a quick hoover and put everything back in.  The things I wasn't sure about - not too many of those this time round - were put at the back of the drawer, along with a mental note to fling them next time round.

Still too much stuff...but getting there! :)
I was finished before the timer went off.  So I did the part which, for me, is always a bit of a stumbling block...  I actually took the giveaway box right out to the car.  Hooray!  And two hours later, it was out of my car (and out of my hair) and had found a new home at DD9's After School Club (who always find a use for our 'junk').  Hooray again! ;D

The giveaway box
I ♥ decluttering!

Hope you have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend! :)