Halloween - boo! Not boo hoo!

I'm getting our Halloween things ready today and tomorrow because I don't want to be running around on Monday afternoon when it's pitch dark (yes, folks, our clocks go back on Sunday night).   Been there.  Done that.  Got the Zombie t-shirt.  So here's my checklist so I don't turn into an unravelled mummie a frazzled mummy.  We want 'Boo!'  Not 'boo hoo!'  ;D
  • Make the final arrangements of where the kids are going/what time/who is going with them. DS always meets up with his classmates.  DD and her friends will probably be with me.
  • Monday's night's dinner will be very easy - I've put panini (grilled sandwiches) and soup on this week's menu plan
  • Find three torches (I keep them in one spot - go me!) and make sure they have fresh batteries in.
  • Check through the outfits the kids will be wearing together with the kids (as sometimes they chop and change their minds...) and put my clothes (thermal underwear, fleece jumper, ski socks, hat, warm gloves, winter boots, etc) in a pile, ready to put on before we go out Monday (I hate standing around getting cold)
  • Do a bit more Halloween decorating outside our house.
  • Make up a few skeleton hands (see below)
  • Fill up our own plastic pumpkin with (wrapped) sweets, in case anyone should ring on our door :D
Skeleton hands...a quick and simple last-minute treat!

On Monday evening I'll fill up a thermos full of chai, so that we can have a hot drink as we walk around.

And - before we leave - we'll agree to do, say, 30 houses or 1 hour's worth of guising.

Voilà!  Have I missed anything?

And if you need any easy ideas for decorating, here's a link to some crafts I posted last year...

Ghost lollies

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend! :)