Menu plan - Thursday 15 September 2011

Happy Danish Election Day!  But more on that later... Jings, it's chilly these mornings - especially when my friend and I are out for our skinny dip in the Danish sea...water temp 14c or 58f!

Yesterday we counted five jellyfish...makes you extra careful getting in and out of the water ;D
But - on the other hand - it's now perfectly legit to have candles burning morning, afternoon and evening!  And eat lots of warming, comfort food...  Here's this week's menu at Casa Copenhagen:

*  wholemeal pita pockets with spinach and ham, baked potato wedges on the side

*  crockpot lasagne (I'll layer in any leftover fresh spinach from yesterday) - I make a variation of Krista's recipe

*  Pasta Beef Satay (which has become a regular here) from Leanne Ely's "Saving Dinner" book

*  Today - on Danish Election Day - we're having "Valgflæsk" (Loft promises to voters...).  The recipe is here

Eek! You wouldn't want to meet these election poster mugshots
on a dark and stormy night! ;D
my Mum's Minestrone soup (which I make in the crockpot) with homemade wholemeal bread

*  crockpot chicken curry (put chicken pieces in the crock together with a can of coconut milk, curry paste and veggies - add a squirt of lime juice at the end) and jasmine rice (made in my beloved ricecooker)

*  leftover crock lasagne, salad and a slice of cake for dessert (which will no doubt be a recipe from my new little red file

Bon appétit!

And Happy Danish Election Day! Who knows...maybe Denmark is going to get it's first ever female Prime Minister? :)