Bikes and bathrobes!

If you're one of the 400 million people who are following the World Cycling Championships right now, you'll already know lots about Copenhagen.  And if you don't, the organisers have put together a fantastic online guide packed with fascinating info (yes, even I learned lots of new things!) about landmarks and points on interest along the race routes.

On Wednesday the time trials are taking place on our street.  How cool is that?!  The local council have been in full swing for the past week: putting out road blocks, burning weeds on pavements, sweeping up leaves and generally making the place shine for the tv cameras.  My kids' school are also getting in on the act and taking the pupils to watch the cycling - complete with banners they've made themselves at the after-school club :)

If you're watching the action on tv tomorrow, they'll no doubt point out the local attractions.  Like this - a petrol station designed by Arne Jacobsen, the "godfather" of Danish design:

Is it just me...or does it look like the Starship Enterprise?
Or this - a theatre designed by Arne Jacobsen:

And maybe this - right next door to the theatre - the Jacobsen restaurant where you can (yep, you guessed it...) eat Nordic cuisine using Arne Jacobsen cutlery while sitting in Arne Jacobsen chairs:

Though - if I were you - I'd be looking out for Danes.  Dressed in bathrobes.  Who will be crossing the road to get to this - the bathing bridge at Bellevue beach:

Where (and this is where you'll need your binoculars) they will throw off their bathrobes (or towels) and take their daily skinny dip in the sea.  Whatever the weather and whatever the sea temperature...

8.45 am - three on the bridge and one in the sea :)
Which - if my sweetie friend V's thermometer is to be trusted - was 14c this morning (or 58f):

 So enjoy the Time Trials.  And keep your eyes peeled...  I'm the one in the green bathrobe! :D