Not revoir!

The kids had their last day of school today and that means one thing - the summer holidays are finally here! Thanks to Flylady routines, this year I made it through to the end unscathed...  And without leaving a trail of destruction (and dirty washing) behind me!  ;D
It also means that, along with my 44th birthday tomorrow (I love this age, life has never been better!), I'm celebrating my second full year here on the blog...  Where does the time go?   Seriously?

Look what I got as a birthday present this morning from my dear friends:
a world-premiere...a Magtens Korridorer key chain! :D

Anyway, it's time to shut up shop.  Time to tidy my blog desk.  Time to sleep longer in the mornings.   Time for trips down to the local beach.  Time to read our books in the garden after dinner (swaddled in blankets).  Time to pack our suitcases for our trip to Spain and France.  Time for the kids to make me pancakes for breakfast.  Time to sleep in the tent in the back garden.  And, of course, lots and lots of skinny dipping!

Don't worry about your hairy (freckled) knees...take the plunge! :D

Here's wishing you a long and wonderful summer.  See you at the end of August! :D