Menu plan - Thursday 16 June 2011

It's going to be a mad week because we have a school event or party almost every day - eek!  So I'm cutting myself lots of (soft, silken) slack and have planned a menu using mainly oven-ready or part-prepped dishes...

Biksemad, which is Danish 'hash': cubed, fried potatoes with onion and beef, topped with a fried egg and pickled, cubed beetroot
Last week's chops
*  Summer party over at school - we'll be taking wholemeal pasta with tomato/basil sauce and Danish meatballs.  And a salad - which is top secret - as our entry for the Tastiest/Best Looking/Most Original Salad Competition! ;D

*  "Running Dinner" with parents from DS11's class.  I'll have five guests at our house for the starter which is going to be warm baby potatoes topped with dill/crème fraîche sauce, smoked salmon and prawns...

*  Lamb kebabs with pseudo greek salad of red onion/cucumber/tomato and feta cheese, homemade pita/naan bread (was originally planned for last week)

*  Homemade beefburgers on rolls with veggie sticks, Cheetah Shake to drink

Cheetah Shake = healthy banana milkshake/smoothie! :)

*  Pastry parcels filled with chicken, bulgur made in my (beloved) ricecooker, sweetcorn
Last week's egg fried rice - my 'planned' leftover dish
That's it, folks - bon appétit!

Have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday! :)