Down the Garden Path (Week Four)

Back from a wonderful long weekend in Sweden (Friday was a holiday in Denmark due to Big Prayer Day) and back to a garden where I swear everything had shot up two feet in the two days that we were away...eek! ;D

Anyway, I got out and 'lawnmothered' (cut the grass) as soon as I had unpacked our suitcase and put the first load of washing in the machine - yep, old Flylady habits die hard! :D

In my last garden update, I was planning to weed the stone borders around the house. Here's what I came up with...

So the stone borders are now looking much better - well, at least for a day or two.  I shall keep a beady eye on them.  And my beloved gas weed-burner close at hand.

I always find that, when I travel, I come back home full of new ideas for cooking etc.  This time I came back with a couple of new loungers for the garden!  They had this type of chair at our holiday cottage by the lake in Sweden, and the kids decided that we just had to have similar ones for the garden.  DH and I fully agreed.  So now we just have to fight over who gets to sit in them...and as I do all the gardening, that surely means me first?  ;D

Next on my list?  Doing something about the zillions of dandelions in the lawn.  And weeding the garden paths...

And what am I looking forward to?  The rhododendron are almost ready to burst into bloom!

And my favourite time of day? Early morning or early evening when the lilac scent assaults you! :)

I'm off out to have a lie down on my new lounger.  Check back next week for another update on the green front.

Hope you have a marvelous Monday! :)