Seven Minute Declutter Challenge

I've had a wonderful Christmas with my Scottish and Danish family. And a fantastic Hogmanay with my best Danish friends and their families. But - hey - don't look back, it's time to look forward to the New Year! ;D

Finally (finally!) the days are getting longer. On sunny mornings I feel like I can do anything. And on (all) the other days, I turn to the Flylady! :)

Flylady's motto this year is "Go for 7 in 2011". Now, you can play this any way you want. I've already got a few ideas of my own: throw away 7 things when I open a drawer, pamper by reading 7 pages of my book before I go to sleep, allow myself 7 minutes to peek on Facebook, do 7 pushups while waiting for the kettle to boil. You get my drift... Other people are planning 7 meals (I already do menu planning, so that's in the bag), writing a to-do list with 7 things on it. Etc, etc, etc.

But I always love a challenge and have decided to kick-start the year with a big declutter. So every day for the month of January I shall be decluttering for 7 minutes. Or multiples thereof. But I will at least do the basic 7 minutes - and pat myself on the back for doing it! ;)  And you, my dear blog readers, will be my witnesses. Or fellow flingers. Feel free to join in and toss your clutter and cares away! You can add your blog with the Linky below, or leave a comment to commit yourself on cyberpaper :)

If you're not familiar with the Flylady, I suggest you go over to her website right away and sign up for babysteps. It's all free, so you have nothing to lose. (Except the chaos that reigns in your head and house.)

And with that, I'm setting my timer and am off and running! :D