Brave New World

Last weekend my iPhone finally gave up the ghost. I hadn't been able to sync or update it for months and it was poke-sticks-in-your-eyes slow...eek!

Actually, it was a blessing in disguise. I've dumped Apple and pesky itunes for an HTC telephone. Our telephone provider gives me unlimited access to music. For free. What's not to love?! :)

It's taken me a few days to get the hang of things but I'm giving it a shot and trying to post to the blog via Android. And the swanky telephone camera has a flash which is giving me a lot of gip. But, hey, let's not get all perfectionist, right? Here's a bunch of tulips I bought today to show you...a tad too much light from the flash? Hmm, not even sure the picture's in the right place but, hey, progress not perfection, right?

Have a fabulous Friday and let's just go with the flow! :)
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