Menu plan - Tuesday 9 November 2010

Good morning! Here's what we're eating at Casa Copenhagen this week:

* Toad in the Hole - if you don't yet know what that is, you can see how I make it here

* pasta med kødsovs - Danish spaghetti bolognese

* lamb cordon bleu (stuffed with very thin ham and cheese, then dipped in breadcrumbs), sugar snap peas and baby boiled potatoes
* we'll have the leftover spaghetti bolognese two days after we first eat it - I mix the pasta and sauce together, add some finely chopped vegetables, top it with cheese and bake it in the oven, serve with a salad

* crockpot beef goulash with wild rice (done in my ricecooker) and topped with lots of red pepper, sour cream and cheddar cheese [was supposed to make this a few weeks back, but the meat is still in the freezer]

* DS10 and his classmates are making dinner one night. The menu is: chicken nacho grills (a BBC recipe which you can find right here) with a spinach salad, then brownies for dessert (Krista's recipe is here)

* homemade frozen pizza - yes, folks, we're going to have a bash at making our own part-baked frozen pizzas. Thought it would be a great thing to have on standby for the hectic weeks up to Christmas. Read an interesting article about it in Politiken last weekend. If you want to read it for yourself, it's here. Will let you know how it goes! :)

* ??? <== this means that one night I don't know what the family is eating. And, frankly, I don't care. Because I will be out at a big girls' birthday party - yay! ;D

Right, off to make a cup of tea now because it's Baltic outside today...

Bon appétit and have a terrific Tuesday! :)