Wonderful Wintery Wednesday

It's our second day here in Malmö, southern Sweden. Great breakfast at the hotel to set us up for the day... Bacon, sausages, Swedish meatballs, scrambled eggs and beans.
Yoghurt and (several) Danish pastries. Washed down with apple juice and caffe lattes. Hot chocolate for the wee ones :)

Shame I didn't have any room for the cereal, cheese, sliced meats or...pickled herring, anyone? ;)

We took a vote as to the day's activities and there was no way we were going to avoid a second trip to the swinning centre http://Aq-Va-Kul.se Though I sat on a deckchair 'beachside' today, as I'm choked with the cold and woke with almost no voice this morning.

Two hours later and it's lunchtime. M-o-r-e food. Steaks, burgers, chicken and the children's favourite (help yourself, won't you, surely we don't need to ask twice) icecream buffet at the knockdown price of Sek.20 (about £2.50).

Hit the shops again as DN12 (niece) wanted to buy a little walrus snow sledge. Will no doubt be put to the test tomorrow.

Then back on the train to Copenhagen, Denmark. Back home to Daddy, who's been working hard all this time and earning the pennies for our little jaunt. But don't worry, we'll be extra sweet to him tonight ;)

Have a wonderful, wintery Wednesday! :)

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