Wake Up Wednesday!

As you may have seen, last week the kids were off school for the Danish Winter Week. It was a violent shock to the system Monday morning to get out of bed and be sitting at a desk by 8am. Poor wee things! ;) And tough for poor old Mum who has to wake the sleeping babes...

Candace will no doubt approve of the jammies! ;D

Do I have to wake her?

Anyway, needs must! Our normal schoolday breakfast is chocolate müsli mixed with plain porridge oats (the Danes traditional breakfast is raw porridge oats with milk and sugar) and milk or orange juice to drink. Yesterday I lured them with boiled eggs, crispbread, milk and All Bran muffins. Today was American style pancakes stacked high, Maple syrup (in honour of the Olympics...) bananas, apples and orange juice.

Tee hee, you can even see the words "oh" forming!

And tomorrow? Who knows. But I'll be setting the table for breakfast as soon as dinner is finished. And I'll be setting my alarm again for 10 minutes earlier than usual. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! :)