Copenhagen Kitchen - week 9

OK, OK, so I shouldn't have been so cocky last week and told you that things were going swimmingly with the new kitchen... Because on Tuesday the poor kitchen-fitter came down with a bad bout of the flu and was off ill for the rest of the week! :(

But - praise the Kitchen Gods - he is now fully recovered and arrived (along with the architect) at 8am this dreary, Monday morning - yay! They are working as fast as they can, and (fingers crossed, knock on wood, 7-9-13 as they say here in Denmark) we should be more or less back on schedule.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the plumber is coming to connect the sink and fancy pancy American fridge. Yep, iced water, icecubes and crushed ice - did someone say frozen margaritas??

Wednesday it's the electrician's turn.

Thursday I think it's the plasterer or the painter. Or maybe both ;)

So all in all it's going to be an(other) exciting week. I promise to take lots of photos of the work in progress and add them to my album over at Picasa.

See you next Monday with a progress report and - who knows - maybe even a shiny sink? :)

The best thing about a new kitchen when you're a child?
Why, the gigantic cardboard boxes, of course! :)