Menu planning Thursday - 1 October 2009

My online groceries arrived last night. We're lucky to have a good delivery service in Copenhagen that only costs about 30 kroner (£3). You place your order before midnight for delivery the following afternoon/evening.

Here's what we're having for the week ahead:



  • Roast chicken, roast baby potatoes, carrots, thyme (all roasted in same dish for easy clean-up and maximum taste) and flash-fried bright green Danish 'pointy' cabbage. Kids get their weekly ration of sweets/candy, so no dessert ;D


  • Will hopefully be going out for dinner! :) Have decided that eating out once a week is a nice reward for putting up with the kitchen remodel - 4 weeks done, 5 weeks to go...


  • An old family favourite, crispy pork chops with gratin dauphinois and green beans with bacon & sugar. Haven't decided on dessert yet but, given the weather at the moment, will be a nice, comforting pud :)


  • Blender Quiche (ham some leftover ham in the freezer) with a dish of fresh, raw veggies. This worked out SO well last week that I can't wait to make it again! :) I just added some flour and baking powder to the eggs and other ingredients.


  • Scout night has come round it's something easy and fast. Danish Meatball & Doughball soup. The meatballs and doughballs come ready frozen, I just add chopped carrots and chicken stock and heat through. Serve with good, wholemeal bread. And the kids lap it up ;)


  • Wok chicken (garlic, ginger, chili, chicken, ketchup), topped with cashew nuts and spring onions, will serve with chinese-style noodles and sugar snap peas

Bon appétit!