Slow cooker/crockpot baked potatoes

I'm experimenting today. Have jammed several large baking potatoes in my biggest crock. No water, no salt, just tatties! :)

The time is 9.45 am. Going to leave them until tonight and we'll see how they turn out... Are you as excited as I am? ;)

Check back here later for updates.


4 pm and everything smells good. They 'look' as though they are already cooked. Not going to take the lid off just yet, because I want to leave them as long as possible - just to make sure they won't explode if I don't prick them first and leave them all day ;)

6 pm and it's time to serve up! They look a bit like boiled potatoes (skins are, of course, not crispy), their bottoms are slightly darkened (as if they had been on a baking sheet).
Now for the taste test! :) Slice them in half and they mash easily. Quite yellow inside, not white, but quite fluffy. And they taste great with lashings of butter and grated cheddar cheese...

Things I would do different next time? Will try pricking them first. Read somewhere that makes them very fluffy inside (lets the steam inside escape).
And the million dollar question...would I make these again? Definitely! :)