Making a list and checking it twice...

OK, let's have a show of hands... Who loves Christmas planning? Me, me! [bustling to front of queue] :)

I normally start at the end of October, when the Flylady starts sending out daily missions. Nothing major - just a bit of planning and doing a little every day. So that when 1 December comes around, you've done the groundwork and actually have time to enjoy going to Christmas parties, end of season Scout group get-togethers, tree decorating parties and breakfast-make-decoration-mornings at school. And something I didn't do pre-Flylady, just soaking up the atmosphere, lights and decorations in town. I now also enjoy watching everyone else running around like headless chickens, but that's not exactly very charitable or in keeping with the Christmas spirit, right? ;)

This year I'm going to start a bit earlier. Mainly because the kitchen remodel starts on Monday and I'm not expecting to be back up to speed with the brand new kitchen till mid-November. But also because I can't wait to get started :)

My good friend Krista from is going to be posting every Sunday on her blog, and I'll be doing the same.

She's using the Holiday Grand Plan from

I'm using the Holiday Control Journal from I started using it 3 years ago and it has made Christmas so easy. Have been so organised about the whole thing, that I can actually do the whole traditional bit, and actually enjoy it! :)

You can find the Flylady Holiday Control Journal - and lots of other Christmas planning stuff - at

My first job is to get out my Control Journal and look it over. I use the same one every year, and just tweak it. Though I will need to print out a few fresh pages (the list of gifts, menuplans etc).

Please feel free to join in! In Sunday's blogpost, I'll let you know where we're at :)