Kitchen countdown not meltdown

The builders are coming to demolish our kitchen on Monday. I need a REALLY easy menu for that week because I know that things are NOT going to go exactly as expected. Added to that, my DSIL is arriving midweek and we'll want to be out and about spending our DHs' hard-earned cash ;)

On the whole, I'm feeling pretty good about the whole remodel project because:
  • I've made a Kitchen Remodel Control Journal (à la Flylady)
  • I've set up a temporary kitchen in the laundry room (tabletop oven with 2 electric rings, microwave, crockpot, ricecooker)
  • when the new kitchen is finally up and running we'll have an 'American' fridge that will give us not only cold water and icecubes, but crushed ice so we can make G&T slushices :)
Here's the menuplan:

Monday (day they knock down the kitchen)
  • pasta med kødsovs a.k.a. pasta with meatsauce a.k.a. spaghetti bolognaise. Will probably make meatsauce (i.e. fry meat and add ready-made jar of tomato sauce) in morning and put in crockpot, so I have that 'ah, Bisto' feeling all day :) Will serve with platter of raw veggies.
  • ovenbaked breaded fish (from the freezer) with rice (made in ricecooker, will make plenty so have leftovers for tomorrow) with French green beans. Beans can go in the same ovendish as the fish, will drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with Maldon salt and put a few cherry tomatoes in there as well. Also some finely chopped anchovies... And, no, to all you anchovy-haters out there - you can't taste them at all, they just give a deep flavour to the beans. It's an Italian trick.

Thursday (DSIL has arrived and is ready to shop...)
  • crockpot lasagne, served with spinach salad
  • cake for dessert (we'll buy something nice when in town)

Friday (TV night with 'Disney Sjov' and 'Denmark's Got Talent')
  • whole beef joint or individual steaks with béarnaise sauce, tomato/red onion salad and new potatoes
  • kids get weekly portion of sweets, we'll have leftover cake and chocolates :)
  • probably out for dinner in town :)

Sunday (I'm running a 5k race early afternoon)

  • we'll probably get a hotdog after the race, so will just have some suppe (meatballs/dumplings in a single frozen package, just add your own stock and carrots - Danish comfort food), served with hot rolls
  • Ben'n'Jerry's Phishfood icecream (chocolate fish and marshmallow). Largest portion for the girl who ran the race! ;)