Crafty Tuesday - Garlands

Krista over at has started doing crafts on a Tuesday. I said I would join her so here goes! :)

I like to make things with my sewing machine and am lucky to have a huge office in our basement where I have a big table just for me and can therefore have it set up constantly. I don't make clothes or anything remotely complicated, I mainly use it to make small alterations and 'embellish' things :) Thanks to a nice group of creative Danish friends, I've also learned how to use it for making Christmas decorations and paper crafts...

Today I'm going to show you how make paper garlands. We did Danish flags (for a football match DS9 and DH were watching on the telly...) but let your imagination run riot.
The first time we made garlands on the sewing machine was at Christmas and we made hearts (the main Danish christmas symbol). DD7 and her friends cut out large heart shapes, decorated them with glitter glue and felt pens and then we 'sewed' them all together vertically to hang in windows. You might want to cut out the letters of the alphabet and make your child's name? How about a 50th birthday banner?

For the Danish flags we used:

paper or carton in white and red
pair of scissors
glue stick
sewing machine and red thread

First cut out your shapes. We cut out red squares and then added strips of white paper to make the Danish flag.

If you're using paint, glitter glue or sticking on sequins etc do it now and let it dry thoroughly ;)

Thread up your machine top and bottom with the desired colour. Start the machine (bog-standard normal stitch) and let it run (with no paper or material under the foot), pulling the 2 threads behind the machine. This will give you a length of thread for you to hang up the garland later...

Take your paper shape and sew through it and leave a little space before you sew on the next shape...continue until you have a nice, long garland.

We did the flags horizontally for hanging on a wall. But, as I said, you can also do them vertically, so that they can be hung from the ceiling or taped to a window (everyone say aaw!).

Voilà! Time to sit back and enjoy your handiwork and go grab a cuppa :)