Copenhagen Kitchen - week 2

Is it already Monday morning? Gosh, time sure flies when you don't have a kitchen to speak of! :) It's exactly 7 days since our old kitchen was torn down and we've been surviving with the 'camp kitchen' set up in the basement.

Actually, 'surviving' isn't really an apt description. We've actually been eating rather well, if I say so myself ;) My DSIL came to stay with us on Wednesday and got a three course meal when she arrived (not to mention two-course dinners the other days and hot rolls every morning for breakfast). And I've already baked apple cake (see my post Don't sit under the apple tree for recipe) and brownies (see Krista's blog for that recipe) in my tiny, tabletop oven. So we're doing pretty well.

There have, of course, been a couple of hurdles. Washing up being the most noteworthy one. Now, if you don't have a sink, I suggest two large washing up bowls (one with soapy water, one with clean water) and a couple of dish drying racks. We saved one of the old wooden worktops and I bought a couple of 'hurdles' (tressle table legs) to go underneath and - voilà - here's my new shiny sink for the next 7 weeks :)

And what's on this week's menu?


  • Leftovers from yesterday (ham, gratin dauphinois, green beans), brownies for dessert

Tuesday (Scout night)

  • Speltburgers (from the freezer to the oven, 10 minutes), on wholegrain rolls with crisps or tortilla chips on the side and fresh veggies (carrot + cucumber sticks, cherry toms)


  • Crockpot lasagne (didn't make it last week as planned) Thanks to Krista (yet again!) for the idea

Thursday (I'm out to premiere of nr 2 Stieg Larsson film)

  • Leftover crockpot lasagne, ricepudding made in ricecooker for dessert

Friday (DH away)

  • Quiche lorraine and salad, no dessert because DKs get weekly ration of sweets

Saturday (DS9's friend coming to stay the night)

  • Takeway from the local pizzeria, B&J icecream for dessert

Sunday (DH away)

  • Hot pitabreak pockets with ham, fresh veggies

* * * * *

See you next Monday for an update!