Twinkies salad

We had family over for lunch today. Normally lunch in Denmark is a smørrebrød affair - ryebread with different toppings, normally starting with pickled herring if it's going to be a celebratory meal.

I didn't feel like making that today for some reason - so decided to go with a French theme. Helped that we're just back from our summer holidays in France and had a tin of confit de canard (duck confit)...ready to open, drain and grill - et voilà - lunch is ready!

I served it with couscous, plain spinach salad and "Twinkies salad" - a recipe I got from a friend and fellow flybaby, Harp Girl, who used to be on

It goes like this:

1 small head raw broccoli
1 small head raw cauliflower
1 jar olives - black look best, those without stones are easiest to eat ;)
1 punnet of small cherry tomatoes
1/4 cup Italian dressing (not creamy type, the oil/vinegar type)

Break the broccoli and cauli into tiny florets, add the olives and tomatoes and douse the whole lot generously with Italian dressing. Best made a few hours before and can also be made the night before.

Doesn't spoil easily so is great for picnics, potlucks and school functions.

It's been a few weeks since I've made this and, unfortunately, I forgot Harp Girl's final instructions when making this salad. Make extra - you want leftovers...!