Time marches on

Autumn is officially on it's way. I know this, because the new Ikea catalogue came through the postbox yesterday :)

Now, I'm not an autumn fan. The changing colours of the leaves doesn't really do anything for me. In an ideal world, it would constantly be spring (like my personal colour ID). All that fresh produce, everything beginning to bloom in the garden, bright mornings and long evenings - together with a dash of summer's heat and winter's cosiness.

Anyway, the Flylady says to fake it till you make it, so I'm making a list of all the things I actually DO like about autumn:
  • lighting even more candles (in Denmark, we use candles all year round)
  • using our wood-burning fire in the living room (even a few bits of kindling is enough to brighten up a dark and dreary afternoon)
  • concert season has started (no, not opera, ballet or serious theatre for us - we 'heart' rock concerts)
  • going out with the girls on a more regular basis now that everyone is back from summer holidays
  • making our Christmas cake (a family tradition, we make it during the autumn school holiday in mid-October and feed it once a week with Drambuie after that)
  • putting the sewing machine to use (maybe this year I'll actually get round to starting and finishing those 'handmade' Christmas gifts)
  • doing lots of baking (in an attempt to use up the eating/cooking apples from the garden)

And lastly - and perhaps the best one of all - an e-mail from the Flylady towards the end of October, inviting me to get a cup of something "warm and wonderful", to pull out a notebook (or, in my case, my Holiday Control Journal started in 2006) and start planning for Christmas...