Pesky lunchboxes

I hate making packed lunches. Not sure why - certainly not because they take long to make - 10 minutes tops. Think it's more finding that delicate balance between being creative (threading different colour veggies on to skewers and calling them 'traffic lights') and giving the DKs something they want to eat day after day (meatball sandwich with ketchup or remoulade and roasted onions).

Anyway, our DKs go to a local Danish school. We pay for school fruit (they get one piece a day at the first break) and school milk (which they get at lunchtime, which is around 11.30am). I make up their packed lunches the day before (ideally when I'm prepping dinner, because after dinner I'm dropping...) and they go in the fridge overnight. There is a large fridge in the corridor at school, with space for (our must-have Flylady stainless steel) water bottles and lunchboxes.

Here's what goes into a typical lunchbox:

  • wholewheat roll or ryebread sandwich with Danish liverpâté, Danish meatball, Danish fishcake, salami, egg mayonnaise etc
  • sometimes I use leftovers from dinner, like a slice of pizza, chicken drumsticks, tortilla wraps
  • a couple of veggies (cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, fresh peapods, carrot sticks, you get the idea...)
  • piece of ryebread with Danish fig topping or small packet of raisins, dried apricots, handful of peanuts
  • piece of ryebread with thin slice of chocolate/chokolade pålæg (Fridays only, see previous blogpost!)
  • sometimes a chunk of cheese

No crisps, chips, Danone yoghurts masquerading as healthy dairy snacks, sweets or biscuits. Though the occasional AllBran muffin (thanks to Kim @flybabyf) or brownie (kudos to Krista @luvschweetheart) have been known to get in there somehow...

Some nurseries/kindergartens even inspect kids packed lunches and confiscate the unhealthy stuff! :)

So hopefully you are beginning to see that, in general, these Danes are a pretty healthy lot. Darn. No chocolate for me before bed then... ;) Night!