Let's try that again, shall we?

Back to the meal planning table... There have been a couple of holes in my menu plans over the past few weeks - trips me right up and gives me so much grief... It's so eeeeeasy when I have it down on paper in advance.

So here we go. Yes, I know it's not Monday - it's Thursday - but as my online grocery order is coming this afternoon, here is the plan for the next 7 days:


  • Crockpot Chili, will serve with brown rice, tortilla chips and grated cheddar cheese (My kids don't like kidney beans so, thanks to a clever tip I read on http://recipezaar.com/, I've blended the whole tin and added it to the meat mixture. So the chili has the trademark red colour but the consistency of meat sauce.)


  • Homemade Pizza, with bacon (for me!) and pepperoni (the other three), served with raw veggies (cherry toms, cucumber sticks, etc)
  • kids get their weekly ration of sweets today, so no dessert (see my earlier blogpost 'TGIF' )

Saturday (good, old family night)

  • Lamb 'Culottes' (large steaks - sorry - don't know what cut of meat that is in English!), served with mustard, roasted Portobello mushrooms, tomato salad, fresh raw spinach and baby potatoes

  • perhaps Krista's brownies for dessert :) :) while we are enjoying "Merlin" on the telly


  • Swedish Sausage Stew, served with bulghur wheat with the leftover fresh spinach mixed in


  • Char Sui Crockpot Chops, sugarsnap peas and chinese noodles

Tuesday (scout night)

  • (all-in-one-dish) Roast Chicken Legs with oven-baked potato wedges and fresh, raw veggies or maybe flash-fried Danish 'pointy' spring cabbage


  • Homemade Beefburgers, either served on top of fried toast with balsamico/cream sauce (a swanky, grown-up version) or on buns with crisps + veggies on the side (traditional style)