My Flylady Friday and Benny Andersen's "Evening Stroll with Rosalina" (k...

My Flylady Thursday plus more shoe refashioning! (Dyeing suede)

My Flylady Wednesday (walk around the Danish block)!

My (under the weather) Flylady Tuesday! Plan and Play Day

15 minutes in Flylady Zone 5 (livingroom/den)!

My Flylady Friday and setting ourselves up for a sucessful weekend!

Dressing Your Truth update and a 15 minute declutter in Flylady Zone 4!

My favourite tools for Flylady and Getting Things Done!

My Flylady Control Journal and how I use it!

15 minutes in Flylady Zone 4 (master bedroom)!

Last night's Clothes Swap Party and my clothes/accessories haul!

Five Magic Minutes! (My Flylady Friday and sorting my handbag/shopper/sw...

Five Minute Magic! (My Flylady Thursday and Evening Routine)

Hygge time! Simple apple cake! (Very old recipe by Helen Corbitt)

5 Magic Minutes! (my Flylady Wednesday, take 5 minutes for you!)

Five Magic Minutes! (Flylady Tuesday - Plan and Play)

5 Magic Minutes (using the magic timer)!

Flylady Refresher Course! (Part Five: self care)

Flylady Refresher Course! (Part Four: Daily Focus plus my Errand Day)

Flylady Refresher Course! (Morning and Evening Routines)

Flylady Refresher Course! (Part Two - Zones)

Flylady Refresher Course! (Part One: Weekly Home Blessing)