I heart Danish comfort food! (Part Ten - Frederiksberggryde)

We're now into week 42 (the Danish school's half term holiday week) so I won't be posting this week as I shall be 'hygging' with my DDH and our kids.  ♥

But I thought - hey - I had better leave you with a recipe for another Danish classic - another warming dish - just the thing for those cold and blustery autumn evenings. Especially as it's now dark by 7.30pm - yikes!  This is Frederiksberggryde.  When we first moved to Copenhagen, we had a flat in Frederiksberg and the restaurants in the area used that name...  But in other parts of Denmark it's known as mørbradgryde.  A one pot stew with bacon, pork and - the defining ingredient - those teeny tinned cocktail sausages.  Yep, those discount ones that you're embarrassed to be seen buying! ;)

You'll need:

  •  an onion

  • a piece of pork filet (svinemørbrad) - about 500g

  • bacon

  • a couple of tins of cocktail sauages (skinless if possible) cocktailpølser

  • flour (to thicken) mel

  • paprika

  • tomato purée tomatpasta

  • stock / boiling water and a stockcube (any flavour will do) bouillon

  • cream (fløde)

  • rice or potatoes or mashed potatoes (kartoffelmos) to serve

  • a bit of greenery to make it look 'healthy'


Chop up the onion, bacon and pork filet into small pieces.

Fry in a bit of oil until they brown slightly and add in the cocktail sausages.

Time to throw in a tablespoon of flour (this will thicken the 'sauce'), a tablespoon of tomato purée and a couple of teaspoons of paprika, plenty of salt and pepper.  Give it a good stir, so everything gets coated.

Add in your stock (just enough to cover) - you'll probably need about half a litre.

Then comes the best part...the cream!  Add as much as you like! :)  This is comfort food, folks, not paleo/nordic/raw...

Looking good!  Let it cook through on a medium heat for about 5 minutes (or until the pork pieces are cooked through).

Serve hot and add a little fresh herbs (chopped chives or lots of parsley) if you want to make it look less stodgy.  (And lots of vegetables or a salad on the side, if you absolutely must.)  We ate ours with rice the other night.  But Frederiksberggryde also goes down well with boiled or mashed potatoes - yum!

Have a super Sunday and an awesome autumn break!

Diane :)