Oh, Jeeves!

I don't often write book reviews.  Unlike Ms. Caboo.  Who has set herself the herculean task of reading and reviewing 100 books this year!  And shares her experiences good and bad - for your reading pleasure - on her blog, Bookalicious Babe Book Reviews :)

But I have - alas - now run out of Montalbano (my swarthy, Italian detective - swoon!) books to read (penned by Andrea Camilleri).  So I had to look elsewhere for my before-bed entertainment and - by golly - I came up trumps! ;D

P.G. Wodehouse and, in particular, his "Jeeves" series, has had me in stitches.  Literally.  I have the whole 'shoulders-hopping-up-and-down' thing going on.  And there are more one-liners than a stand-up comedian can shake a (diamond-tipped) walking stick at.

I read a chapter in bed every night.  Nothing better than going to sleep with a smile on your face :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. If cookery is more your thing, I've just posted some more recipes to my new blog - my little red file !


ms. caboo said…
Why Diane, you are a real sweetie! Thanks for the mention! I haven't read Jeeves, but I do have one on my Nook to read. Someday. Maybe it can be in my next 100 books?!
C-Joy said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE Jeeves! In fact, would like to rent him to help around the house once or twice a month. Like Bertie, I get into so many HILARIOUS scrapes with my pals that I really need Jeeves around to save the day :D
The only problem with these books is that I have to keep re-reading certain chapters because they are priceless! :D