Writers block(head)

I got a book for Christmas and finished it at the weekend. A fairly run-of-the-mill 'Da Vinci Code' type of thing (which, to be honest, read more like a filmscript than a novel). Now, I know it's a work of fiction, but that doesn't mean it should contain glaring mistakes. Right? Write? ;D

For the record, this photo was taken with my mobile phone... ;D
The action starts off in Copenhagen and there's a fire... "Fluorescent yellow fire trucks were already positioned..." Um, say what?? Fire engines here in Denmark are most definitely red. Ask any Dane. May I suggest that the author - instead of wasting time and money on his (apparently fruitless) research trip - should have gone straight to 'google pictures'? The Danish translation for fire truck is brandbil.

Then later on, while in a church in Lisbon, the main character says, "..we also need a picture of this. Since none of us has a camera, any ideas?". Um, your mobile telephone? For Pete's sake, the book is set in the present (published in 2007), so surely the telephones they're carrying have an in-built camera? (Especially as the two characters are secret agent types...) For goodness sake, I had a camera in my very first (cheapo) mobile telephone from 1999. Gaaaaah!

Anyway, I finished it and can now go back to my usual reading matter - cookbooks and murder mysteries. Hooray!

If you want reviews of books that are worth reading, then go and see what Ms. Caboo is up to... http://bookaliciousbabe.blogspot.com/ She's reading 100 books this year - go her! :D

Have a terrific Tuesday! :)


Sue G. said…
I haven't read any of Berry's books--does this mean if I do read them, I can check in with you to make sure the details are good if any of them take place in Denmark?!

Thanks for the shout out! We're under a blizzard warning here, so that is perfect reading weather in between shoveling snow.
Hey Ms. Caboo, I wouldn't suggest you add this to your 100 books for this year - but you should definitely check out the " Montalbano" books by Andrea Camillieri. Great plots, dry sense of humour, wonderful food (lots of it) and hot Italian weather. And did I mention a rather hot Inspector..? ;D