Menu plan - Thursday 24 February 2011

Here is it, this week's menu at Ch-chilly C-casa C-copenhagen. Yep, we're back to sub zero temperatures and light snowfall again this week... But at least the sun makes an occasional appearance, just to keep up our flagging spirits! :D

* Homemade enchiladas with salad on the side.

* Chicken, cauliflower and red pepper risotto - all cooked together in my beloved ricecooker...

* Pasta med kødsovs/pasta with meatsauce/spaghetti bolognese.  I cooked up a huge batch of minced beef a couple of months ago. Froze it in 'flat packs' and it has been a lifesaver. Just pull out of the freezer, defrost (doesn't take long, as it's flattened out) and use for bolognese sauce, add kidney beans for enchilada filling etc. Quick and convenient = two thumbs up!

* Lamb steaks roasted in the oven with rösti potato cakes, green beans with honey and bacon. All done together in the oven. Simple!

* Homemade pizza and veggie sticks. DD8 is hosting 'Play + Dinner club' for a group of 5 classmates. Who doesn't love to top their own pizza? And make a funny face out of pepperoni? Icecream for dessert.

* Forloren hare or Danish meatloaf. My recipe is right here.

* Leftover forloren hare with wholemeal pasta and tomato/veggie sauce.

Have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday (or Little Friday, as we say here)! :)


ms. caboo said…
Diane, your menus always sound so darn good! And perfect for chilly weather. Will winter ever end?