Watermelon Ice Lollies

We've - hooray, hooray - got a heatwave approaching Denmark this weekend! Which means it's already hotting up and I've (stone the crows) been able to wear my sandals and summery skirts several days in a row. Which means we've been down at the local beach and swimming in the Danish sea (current water temperature 15.5c or 60f). Which means icecream every day. Which means I bought a watermelon ;) And one of the best ways to enjoy it (and, let's face it, get it used up because these things are humungous), is making these Watermelon Ice Lollies...

You'll need:
  • a watermelon (obviously)
  • a good, sharp knife
  • cocktail or lolly sticks
  • cookie cutters

Slice the melon fairly thin - if you make it too thick, the cookie cutters won't go all the way through. Don't ask me how I know this...

Cut out shapes using cookie cutters and pop in a cocktail or lolly stick

If some of them don't work out, just gobble them up immediately. No guilt and no waste! ;)

I have to say that my favourite is always, always the dinosaur! :)

Pop in the freezer for a couple of hours and enjoy. If you're serving adults, you might want to soak them in some vodka first...

Have a marvelous melon-y Monday! :)

PS: Please note that the blog
will be closed for the month of July.
But, don't worry, I'll be back! ;)


PippaD said…
Brilliant, thanks for sharing I am making these tomorrow night with my two!
BentoBoxUK said…
Totally Awesome!
Sassy Jen said…
A vodkasaurus sounds wonderful!
Unknown said…
My favorite part was the separate instructions for adults. ;^)

You are SO COOL. I want to come live with you. Abigail would so benefit if you started a Mommy camp! I'd be a way cooler mom.

I feel bad for her. I do.
Sassy Jen said…
Diane, I know you like Star Trek, so check out my blog. I'm not a fan of the singer, but I do love what's been done. And it features Spock *sigh*

p.s. Sorry for the multiple posts this morning. Not enough coffee.
Glad you all enjoyed this post! :D DD8 was absolutely delighted with them and had a few for breakfast... I guess that's two thumbs up then?!
JoAnna said…
Those are fantastic! We eat lots of watermelon here in GA and I've never thought of making lollies. That's a MUST for 4th of July festivities! :)