Scaredy Cat Challenge - Get packing!

Did you see yesterday's post? No? It's here - We're all going on a summer holiday! I've started preparations for our family holiday to France and - in my head - I'm doing really well. However, before I know it, it will be the night before we leave and I'll still be running around doing things and thinking "Why oh why didn't I get this done two weeks ago when I had the time?"...

So my new Scaredy Cat Challenge is to get cracking on packing! ;) Or at least to get stuck in and do things right now. Why wait till next week when I have 5 minutes to look out maps today? No procrastinating! :) Would you like to join me with this challenge? If you need a few pointers, the Flylady has an excellent checklist of what you need to do and pack before leaving for a trip. You can find it right here.

Or do you have a Scaredy Cat Challenge of your own? Then link up with the MckLinky below. Let's be scared and hold hands together and get things done! :)

Have a super Sunday!


Sassy Jen said…
Started the preparations- in my head- I'm doing really well...I can totally relate to that!