Tee-hee Tuesday - Have you heard the one about...?

Okay, it's been over a month since I dragged my girlfriends along to Abba The Show in Copenhagen. Don't you think it's high time that our high hair and high heels got another airing? ;)

Our next Girls' Night Out will be the "Open Mike Night" at Comedy Zoo, a really cosy stand-up club, slap bang in the centre of Copenhagen. As the name implies, you never know who's going to be performing. But it's always a good mix of comedians who are new on the circuit and 'known' names who are trying out new material for their own shows. And the price? 65 Danish kroner (about £7.50 or $10). For Pete's sake, that's even cheaper than a cinema ticket! For three riveting hours of live stand-up! Cheap drinks too! [said the canny Scot inside her. Hic.]

Here's a youtube clip from Comedy Zoo so you can get a feel of the place for yourself. These Open Mike evenings are always sold out and you sit jam packed together at little tables - a great atmosphere. But a word of warning... If audience participation isn't your cup of tea (or glass of wine), make sure you sit right at the back of the club! ;)

Hope you have a terrific Tee-hee Tuesday - whatever language you laugh in! :)


JoAnna said…
Abba show - I'm jealous!

That sounds like a great time! I'm long past due for a girls' night and need to plan something fun. :)
Anonymous said…
Have fun! That's on my list too. I'll have to remember to not sit at the front though. :)
I decided that, after trawling through clips of funny things on youtube, I actually need to get out! ;)