Pamper Monday - Who's a little sweetie?

Last week I was pampering my tootsies and - hooray, hooray - we've finally been rewarded with some spring weather, my new sandals have had an airing and the first daffs and tulips are shooting up in the garden before our very eyes :)

But, as usual on a Monday, I've got another pamper idea for you up my sleeve. Or should I say in my handbag..?

I'm not a huge fan of sweets (candy, for all you US peeps) but I love a little bit of chocolate and tend to go overboard - oopsie! I especially love chocolate in the afternoon or (for some reason) when I'm at a rock concert. I'm infamous in my circle of friends for producing a giant box of After Eights, a Tupperware box full of M+Ms or a cellophane bag full of homemade chocolate fudge when standing having a beer at the bar. Here's a little peek at what we'll be enjoying at tomorrow night's Ultravox concert ;)

But have you tried this killer combo? Macadamia nuts and chocolate-covered raisins? I love that it combines sweet and salt, a sort of trail mix for grown-ups :)

The kids have got some dinky little plastic lunch tubs which I've pinched borrowed for my sweet treats. Just enough room for a handful...

I ended up with 9 tubs in all, so there'll be one in my handbag every day of the week. And a couple for 'emergencies' ;)

The pamper message for this week? Remember to be nice to yourself because - just like rich good dark chocolate - a little goes a long way :) If you need more pamper ideas, I've got lots more of them here on the blog and the Flylady has a whole section on her website.

Have a marvelous Monday! :)


Helen said…
I am glad spring has come to your place :) Enjoy your chocolate - I love chocolate too, and I need a little bit every day. I would like to buy some of these cute boxes too :)
I love the idea of a little chocolate treat tucked into my handbag!

Except for when it gets really hot outside...having an on-the-go emergency supply of chocolate sounds like a fabulous instant pamper treat to have!

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm so glad to hear you got your new sandals out for a stroll!
Hi Helen! You can probably find the containers where you live...they're made by RICE and they sell them all over Scandinavia, the UK etc. If you go to they have a 'shopfinder' section :)
Hi Leslie! Fortunately the heat is not *usually* a problem here, tee hee!

BTW, the sandals have been fantastic, understand why you love your ones so much! ;)