Crafty Tuesday - Round 'em up!

It's Crafty Tuesday, the day I share something you can make in the safety of your own homes. Something to make with the kids, something that uses bits n' bobs you probably have lying around, something that...shouldn't take more than the golden Flylady 15 minutes to make! :)

There are a lot of new readers to the blog...welcome everybody, welcome! [she shrilled à la Muzzy in Thoroughly Modern Millie] So I thought it was time for another roundup of all the things we've made since... September - wow, I've been quite the busy bee! ;)

Don't be put off by the seasonal decorations (Easter, Christmas, etc). They can often be adapted for other occasions by, for example, changing the colours from red to, say, yellow. And, as we're still suffering (at least here in Europe) from the fallout of the Icelandic volcano eruption, maybe you might want to take a closer look at my Homemade Volcano post? ;)

Are you ready? Set? Here we go!
Festive Plants
Halloween 1 (Skeleton Hands and Ghost Cupcakes)
Halloween 2 (Ghost Lollies and Pumpkin Stones)
Halloween 3 (Spiders Webs and Snuggly Spiders)
Halloween 4 (Flying Ghosts)
Homemade Volcano
Nappy Cake
Nifty Noticeboard
(Hand and Foot) Reindeer
(Decorate with) Serviettes
Shaky Cards
Silly Snowmen (and Snowladies)
Window Dressing

Have a terrif' Tuesday! :)