'Where are we?' Wednesday

It's Wednesday and therefore 'Hump Day'. So I thought we should have a little photo fun...just to keep us all going until tomorrow, 'Little Friday' :)

Shot at a secret location in Copenhagen. A public building.  A bank?  Museum of Modern Art?  The local council offices?  Local courthouse?  Hmmm, where are we?

No need to send your answers on the back of a postcard. The solution is right here, at the bottom of this post... Just be careful you don't crick your neck.

Hope you have a wonderful, wondering Wednesday! :)

˙ןooɥɔs - ʎʇıɹoɥʇnɐ ןɐɔoן - ɥsıuɐp ,spıʞ ǝɥʇ ʇɐ ɹopıɹɹoɔ ǝɥʇ


Sassy Jen said…
Love that sparkle! My chiropractor fixed me yesterday so no cricks here.

Missed you in chat during MSP because I was sidetracked by your cute jacket link. Nice things there!

Happy Hump Day!
I saw the name "Jenn**" in the MSP chat and thought it was you... Next time I'll try not to distract you! ;D